Rev. Bev Davis is an avid “observer of life,” a graduate of McCormick Theological Seminary and an ordained pastor in the United Church of Christ. Bev has served a small UCC congregation in North Central Wisconsin, and served as a hospice chaplain in Milwaukee.

Bev, her husband Rev. Steve Davis and their rescue dog Fuzzy, are now living in Madison, Wisconsin where up until recently, Bev was serving as community chaplain to Attic Angel Place, a senior retirement community.

  She also is an author of a series of “children’s books for all ages,” which address bullying and marginalization as we journey through the life of “Great Gray”, an Indian Elephant, born a little less than perfect.

In addition, Davis has been developing a worship plan entitled, “The Power of the Parables.” This interactive program is tailored to the Alzheimer’s/Dementia community, Wisconsin Conference facilities and church communities. 

As a parish intern, Bev designed a program entitled, “Consider the Lilies,” a Church wide study of plants, gardens and flowers in the Bible. This fruitful program culminates in the planning and planting a meaningful Memory Garden. 

Bev’s Creation Station, is also available to congregations that want to CREATE! 
A former interior designer, Bev is a true believer in the importance involving the senses in worship and everyday life. 
“Creators Must Create’
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Rev. Bev Davis

Recent Works

Bev is now reading her books on her YouTube channel. So if you would like to get a taste of what the book is all about make sure to check out her channel.

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