Gooseberry Planet is an award-winning educational software platform that supports and enhances curriculum delivery for Online Safeguarding in Primary Schools. Gooseberry Planet has been developed with the whole school community in mind.  The system can be accessed by the whole school community, so the software is accessible to everyone, both at school and at home via PC, Mobile & Tablet.

Using game-based learning, Gooseberry Planet is totally unique.

It offers a fresh, engaging and innovative approach to teaching e-Safety.  Pupils face real-life online scenarios to which they must respond, whilst simultaneously collecting stars and competing with their class mates. The game levels address a broad range of topics concerning current online threats and are tailored for different abilities, with audio support for those children who are less able.

Whilst most schools have blocking and monitoring systems in force, Gooseberry Planet complements these strategies and significantly enhances safeguarding through consistently delivered education, so that children are safe at home (where most of their online activity takes place) as well as at school. Gooseberry Planet is unique in the way it promotes collaboration between the child, the parent and the teacher, providing detailed advice and creating contextualized opportunities that promote informed dialogue between them.


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