Municipal Judge – Fox Point, Wisconsin

My grandpa gave me my first job at his famous shoe store, Hecker’s Shoes, as a stock boy. Teaching me to be tough and fight hard, he promised me America was a country where no dream was impossible if you give an honest effort and earn it the right way. I never forgot that lesson.

As a boy I was obsessed with the Milwaukee Bucks. I was born in north Milwaukee County, a scrappy Jewish kid with his face half-frozen. Moebius Syndrome made it hard to learn how to speak, and paralysis froze my mouth and finer eye movement – my grandpa’s promise seemed like a fairy tale a million miles from my reality. I know the sting and real hurt of bullying and prejudice.

This campaign is the first time I have had the opportunity to advocate and to discuss it publicly. With the help of public school teachers and years of dutiful practice, I became confident with spoken English. Thanks, interestingly, to a ventriloquist puppet and a kind speech pathologist.

Attending University of Wisconsin – Madison for my undergraduate degree was a vital first step in earning and achieving my life’s goals. My grandpa’s words inspired me to become a decent basketball player in my youth, and later to pursue the law and build a family.

Since starting my legal career almost 30 years ago, I have dedicated my life to public service and giving back to Wisconsin. Since 1992, I have been a public educator and Adjunct at MATC Downtown Milwaukee, and I have served our community as Fox Point’s Municipal Judge for over 8 years.

Being uniquely blessed, I am a successful downtown Milwaukee lawyer and I have a daughter at Nicolet High School where I proudly graduated from, and another soon on her way there in a few years. I am serious and committed to the law, fatherhood, and my faith.

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