I’m currently an MATC student halfway toward graduation with an Associate Degree In IT Support, which I chose because I remember what it felt like to be on a technical support line and have my crashed computer fixed remotely. I was thrilled to get the help I urgently needed all those years ago, and thought so much about how great it could be to help people when going through their worst IT issues. Since I currently work in sales in a call center, this seems like a logical career transition and when I found out about GAB needing an intern I was eager to apply and ecstatic after being brought on part-time, morning hours (generally from 9 am-1130 am) throughout the week. I still have a technical Security+ Certification to get through as well as a few employment seeker classes that are required to graduate, but I luckily feel as though the most difficult technical studies are “water under the bridge” for me now.

I had to move in to my mother’s condominium off of the 124th and Howard area, which I’m finally getting used to compared to where I originally was in West Allis. This neighborhood condo association is extremely quiet . I consider myself in relatively decent shape for a 49 year old Sagittarian effective this December 3rd and look forward to what life has in store in my later years as I look forward to a career change into the IT world as an older worker with a lot of drive and energy to keep me moving forward. I would venture to say that, for me, this is one of the best parts of my life so far and I feel grateful for this opportunity to work with and get to know all the staff here.

I’m a very active and athletics-loving guy who uses my E Bike on a daily basis not just as a way to commute but also for cardio benefits as well. The machine I ride now has a lithium battery and uses somewhat advanced “Shimano steps” technology to propel the bike assisting me as I pedal. It truly is bicycling taken to the next level that I look forward to riding all year long, not just in warmer months. I have a small circle of close friends as well as for dating and feel fortunate I’m blessed with good people in my life.

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