June 23th, 2020

The attached debit gift card image is for benefiting our global GAB Upstanders.

The Upstander Peer Ambassador’s card image with the GAB’s image to be added, serves as a true sample of the Upstander dedicated gift card.

The Upstander cards are to be issued to the students earning them during the GAB PSA challenges and school wide fundraising programs.

The students participating in the challenges are supporting their chance to earn fun incentive based personal resources like electronic learning tools, GAB spirit sports varsity gear & more while raising money for their school, nonprofit or after school organization.

Streamcaster’s earning story of the day, week and month will also be issued their awards via these gift cards preloaded with the achieves award. 

This allows universally the Students the quickest way to access their earned awards. It is in the simplicity of just going to a retailer to achieve their earned awards with this program.

In many cases, a custom item such as a challenge style garment, letterman’s jacket and or any other athletic wear is awarded then redeemed in the same manner.

Obviously this gets the students gifting in the soonest time in gaining access to their earnings. The cards would be issued by an official bank Corp partner to the student challenges, which are emphasized during the PSA.

This method also logistically allows custom possible varsity lines pre-approved for purchase. The same products are to be made available as family, community spirit wear also.

Extremely busy start to the week as we continue to refine the overall process moving forward with new additional partners, sites, media kits etc.

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