July 29,2018 | Shrek The Musical | Greendale High School Theater

The Greendale Community Theater’s production of Shrek The Musical was an absolute delight! The last day of the performance found a full house of kids, parents, teenagers, college students and grandparents who were totally entertained by the terrific cast and orchestra.

The singing and acting were exceptional-you wouldn’t find better at any venue. The script was hilarious with the whole audience chuckling throughout the performance.

Thank you to Mary Postotnik and the Greendale Community Theater (GCT) committee for choosing GAB as the non-profit organization that the audience could donate to. The theme of “Shrek”, along with the GAB Upstander Program that addresses bullying, was a perfect fit. We also appreciate GCT for allocating some performance tickets for GAB’s loyal volunteers who manned our GAB display booth an all of the performances.

And, special thanks to the amazing Shrek cast for taking time from their busy pre-performance schedule to meet our GAB volunteers and pose with pictures with us.

This partnership was truly a WIN-WIN!


Special thanks to Ponyville for their donation to GAB
that helps support our outreach programs.

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