MATC-McPherson College

Event Recap

Sadie, GAB’s Peer Ambassa-dog, Joal Derse, and James Dean of GAB were invited to McPherson College at MATC, Oak Creek, WI. to make a presentation for the course titled “The Bystander, the Bullied and the Bully.”

McPherson College provides continuing education classes and credits for educators and administrators.

Sadie’s 6 minute documentary was shown. This movie is so powerful that everyone agreed they wanted to see it a second time.

James Dean spoke about the GAB programs which are all centered around creating “upstanders”, because if a “bystander” to bullying becomes an “upstander”, the bullying stops 85% of the time within 10 seconds.

The presentation was scheduled for 40 minutes but was so well received that 1½ hours later the participants gathered around Sadie to give her a pat on the head

Thank you to McPherson College instructor Janis Giblin, for inviting GAB, Joal and Sadie. It was a very rewarding experience for all.

MATC-McPherson College
MATC-McPherson College

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