Whitman Elementary School

400 students, and the Whitman School Band greeted Generations Against Bullying (GAB) and former Green Bay Packer guest speaker, William Henderson, with a very loud musical rendition of “Go Pack Go”!

Sally Schumacher, Principal of Whitman Elementary School, Milwaukee, WI and her students and staff listened to former Green Bay Packers star William Henderson, describe how important it is to be an upstander for someone who is being bullied.

William told the students that they have the power to stop the ugly bullying happening in their school by becoming an upstander rather than watching as a bystander. He also shared some stories of being a teammate of Bret Favre and Aaron Rogers.

We were honored to meet an amazing Whitman student who helped save a little boys life last week by pulling him out of a pool at a local Milwaukee hotel, and administering CPR.

GAB’s mission is to give every school the opportunity to display our upstander symbol in front of the school, demonstrating, “We are an Upstander school.

Thank you to the students and staff for being such gracious hosts.

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